All County Objectives

# 151

Bus Priority

By June 2023 June 2021, Public Works, in partnership with Santa Cruz METRO and the bicycle community, will design and construct and test a signal priority project along Soquel Ave / Drive (city limit to State Park Drive).

Key Steps

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Secure required funding and budget for the signal priority project. Establish working group with Metro and Planning to streamline problem-solving. Complete Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E) package and obtain board permission to advertise projects. Advertise projects, open bids and award contracts.
Plan Reference:
3.A.ii, 3.D.i, 5.A.i Signal Priority Project 40%
Traffic Signal Priority (TSP) will improve the efficency of bus transit along the Soquel Drive corridor and will encourage bus transit ridership. TSP tools modify traffic signal timing when transit vehicles are present to improve both reliability and travel time.