2018 Employee Recognition Awards - Human Services

GOLD - Jessica Scheiner, Human Services Department

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Jessica has been a champion for addressing issues of homelessness in our County through Human Service Department-supported programs. She has helped to bring in $1.3 million in state grants, and design and implement housing support and homelessness prevention programs. Working with other community stakeholders, she has also played a leadership role in helping to develop and implement Smart Path, Santa Cruz County’s Coordinated Entry System for homeless individuals and families seeking housing support. Supporting people in need of housing is a complex yet critical issue in the county, and Jessica has been key in developing an innovative ideas and implementing systems that enable the Department and the County to make an impact on homelessness.


SILVER - Emily Simoni, Human Services Department
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Emily stepped in and filled a gap that was created when an outside vendor was no longer able to provide supervised clinical licensing hours to employees in Family and Children’s Services with a Masters in Social Work, working toward their license. Emily really went above and beyond to provide support when it was urgently needed. If Emily had not stepped up, there was a risk that employees would have lost the opportunity to complete their licensing hours, and the department would lose a tool for recruitment and retention of a vital service role. Emily’s commitment to her department and the County is impressive, and she helped to solve an extraordinary problem by providing the specialized support she was able to give. In turn, staff were able to continue to provide critical services for vulnerable youth in our community.





BRONZE - Thomas Salem, Human Services Department
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As a Social Worker for Adult and Long-Term Care Services, Thomas is recognized as an employee that goes above and beyond when working with clients. Thomas worked with a client to help them overcome their fear, so they may live a fuller life outside the boundaries of their home. In doing so, Thomas exemplified dedication to community and the personalized care vulnerable adults need in order to feel supported. Fellow employees and families of those Thomas has worked with say that Thomas provides kind, professional, warm support. Every day, Thomas demonstrates a commitment to the mission of the Human Services Department.