2017 Employee Recognition Awards - Land Use & Regulatory

GOLD - Shared by members of the Department of Public Works Storm Response Team:
Back Row, Left to right:
Timothy Bailey
Henry Munoz
Riley Gerbrandt
Jeff De Los Santos
Walter Brighton
Jose Ramirez
Casey Carlson

Middle Row, Left to right:
Marcella Bailey
Nick Padron
Christine Berge
Vance Wagner
Anthony Ledesma

Front Row, Left to right:
August L. Waltrip
Thomas Moran
Raymond Pike
Dawne Harman
Amber Myer
Greg Jones

Not pictured:
Paul Kleinhesselink
Kenneth Bailly
Shaun Deyhim

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Several nominations were received for members of the Department of Public Works Storm Response Team for their work during the intense 2017 storm season. From responding at all hours to clear landslides and remove debris, to dealing with roadway failures and monitoring the Pajaro River, this team put forth extraordinary effort during these stressful times. This team was even part of a rescue effort and saved a life one evening when they noticed an individual floating down the Pajaro River. They jumped into action, throwing a lifeline to the individual, pulling him out of the water, and drying him off. They even purchased and provided him with dry clothes. This team coordinated emergency efforts with a variety of groups, and kept our community informed of road closures and flood information, assessed damage, and made repairs.

SILVER - TIED between Isaac Bojorquez and Kent Edler of the Human Services Department

Isaac Bojorquez , Public Works Department

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Isaac is the Treatment Plant Operations Supervisor for the Davenport County Sanitation District. His dedication and proactive actions during the 2017 storm events were crucial in maintaining sanitation and water services for the Community of Davenport. Working with the City of Santa Cruz, Isaac coordinated efforts to prevent a spill at the wastewater treatment lagoon after heavy rainfall. In addition, when a drinking water pipeline that ran through private property, Isaac was instrumental in working with the landowners to make repairs while also securing alternate drinking water sources. Thanks to his excellent communication skills and dedication, Davenport residents never experienced a disruption in these essential services.

Kent Edler, Public Works Department

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Kent is Senior Civil Engineer who played a crucial role in negotiating a lower emergency repair cost for the broken drinking water pipeline in Davenport that was damaged during the 2017 storm season. Davenport residents pay some of the highest water and wastewater fees in the State, and the staggering estimated cost for the emergency repairs is not something the community would have been able to absorb. Luckily, Kent was not only able to negotiate a lower cost for the repairs, he was also able to secure a USDA grant that paid for the repairs, resulting in no cost to the community. Kent’s dedication and persistence speak highly of his character as a public servant.

BRONZE - TIED between Nader Sidhom and Amy Miyakusu of the Public Works Department

Nader Sidhom, Agricultural Commissioner's Office

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Nader is a Vector Control Specialist with the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office. His leadership and initiative has provided him with the opportunity to serve as the regional coordinator with the Mosquito and Vector Control Association, and this speaks highly of Nader’s dedication to public service. Additionally, Nader was the lead coordinator this past year for a CalRecycle Waste Tire Amnesty Grant, which awarded the County $21,000. His efforts not only reduced the dumping of unwanted tires in our environment, but also helped reduce mosquito breeding habitat.

Amy Miyakusu, Public Works Department

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Amy works as a Departmental Administrative Analyst with the County’s Department of Public Works. Among Amy’s many responsibilities is ensuring that billing for sanitation customers is accurate and correct. When Amy began with the department, she found that the billing was completed via a manual process, which took tremendous time and left room for many errors. Amy took the initiative to explore smart and more efficient solutions, and worked with the Department’s existing software to improve the billing process. Her diligence in working with the software vendor and improving processes has dramatically reduced errors as well as time spent, saving hundreds of hours in staff time for the Department of Public Works as well as the Tax Collector’s office.