2017 Employee Recognition Awards - Human Services

GOLD - Shared by members of the CORE Investment Team:
Left to right:
Gary McNeil
Sherra Clinton
David Dobrowski
Leslie Goodfriend
Tatiana Brennan
Elizabeth Landes

Not pictured:
Kevin Mahoney

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This team worked together to create a funding model for community programs that is based on collective impact and evidence-based practices. Members of this team were able to successfully navigate working with multiple stakeholders from creation to implementation, resulting in a sustainable funding model that will work towards improving the lives of the most vulnerable members of our community. The funding model created by this group will have a positive and lasting impact on the County of Santa Cruz, and really exemplifies the mission of the Human Services Department.


SILVER - Shared by members of the In Home Supportive Services Induction Team:
Left to Right:
Jessica Cirksena
Celina Orejel
Andrew Stewart

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This team has earned the Silver award for their collaborative work to solve the problem of new IHSS employees receiving inconsistent training and education. Via the creation of an induction training and on-boarding program, IHSS employees now have access to greatly improved professional development and training opportunities. By redesigning existing training materials, and pairing them with innovative new curriculum, the IHSS Induction team has developed a consistent training and education program that will benefit the most vulnerable adults and children served by IHSS.

BRONZE - David Beardsley, Human Services Department
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David is a Departmental Administrative Analyst for the Human Services Department who created a reporting tool for employees working in the CalWORKS program. The tool he created replaced a contracted service while also improving the content, usability, and effectiveness of the reports. David was able to understand the day to day work of the CalWORKS staff while also bridging technology and program delivery. Use of this new tool by staff has resulted in increased efficiency, while also saving the department money by eliminating the need for a contracted service. David’s impressive reporting tool has been praised by other counties, some of which would like to work with David to create similar tools for their agencies.