2016 Employee Recognition Awards - Justice

GOLD - Shared by members of the Sheriff’s Office 21st Century Policing Task Force
Back Row, Left to Right:
Chief Deputy Craig Wilson
Lt. Robert Payne
Deputy Steven Ryan
Sgt. Christopher Clark
Deputy William Burnett
Deputy Jason Dunn
Lt. Steve Carney

Front Row, Left to Right:
Ruth Hong
Lt. Paul Ramos
Sgt. Stefan Fish
Sgt. Roy Morales
Deputy Robert Paul
Lt. James Ross
Sgt. Nicholas Baldrige
Deputy Socorro Luna
Kathy Samms

Not Pictured:
Sgt. Dee Baldwin
Deputy Michael Pruger
Deputy Daniel Cruz
Deputy Dakota Clark
Deputy Jordan Brownlee

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Beginning in February 2016 and continuing through July of last year, under the direction of Santa Cruz County Sheriff Jim Hart, a task force comprised of sheriff’s deputies and support staff met to discuss recommendations resulting from an Executive Order issued by President Barack Obama. The recommendations made to the President focused on how policing practices can promote effective crime reduction while building public trust. The 21st Century Policing Task Force developed responses to 79 of these recommendations, including the implementation of satisfaction surveys for those calling for assistance, a use of force panel review to conduct monthly reviews of cases involving the use of force, the implementation of body cameras starting in January 2017, and public access to the Sheriff’s Office Public Policy Manual, just to name a few. The Sheriff’s Office will continue to evaluate and implement these recommendations in order to promote effective crime reduction while building public trust, with a goal of continuing to foster strong, collaborative relationships between the Sheriff’s Office and our community. The extraordinary efforts put forth by this innovative group are to be commended, and each member of this team deserves recognition for their commitment to excellence on behalf of the County and the community.

SILVER - Shared by members of the Consumer Affairs and Environmental Protection Team, District Attorney’s Office

Back Row, Left to Right:
Bill Atkinson
Ed Browne
Douglas Allen

Front Row, Left to Right:
Shandra Handley
Heather Whisman
Kelli Freitas
Angela Derendinger

Not Pictured:
Katrina Rogers

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Throughout the past few years, the Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office recognized a critical need to build up the Consumer Affairs and Environmental Protection Unit in order to better protect consumers and hold irresponsible businesses accountable for their actions. The growth this unit has seen over the last two years has resulted in an increased assurance that fraudulent or deceptive companies are held fully accountable for their actions. For example, in that time, the District Attorney’s Office has received more than $2 million in judgements and civil penalties from various cases, including cases against online retailers, major department stores, health/fitness clubs, and international corporations. Penalties such as these allow the DA’s office the necessary resources to continue to investigate and prosecute these crimes. Additionally, the Consumer Affairs Unit has been able to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in victim restitution, which is paid out to victims of fraudulent practices. The individuals on this team have put in countless hours to ensure that the consumers in our community are better protected. Please join me in congratulating this group on their significant accomplishments.

BRONZE - Andrew Davis, Probation Department

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Passed in 2011, The Public Safety Realignment Bill, also known as AB109, was designed to interrupt the chronic recidivism of inmates cycling in and out of prisons for low-level crimes, and in doing so, changed the rules for public safety and related policy. As the Coordinator for the County’s Community Corrections Partnership, Andrew Davis has been instrumental in leading the implementation of AB109 while maintaining the integrity and fidelity of this partnership. In his position, he has led and facilitated a number of remarkable and innovative efforts that have led to significant improvements in the delivery of service. By actively bringing together public and non-governmental agencies, Andrew has helped to align these groups towards the common interest of improving public safety through the delivery of evidence-based treatment and intervention services. Andrew is a true visionary who has helped the County make data-driven decisions regarding coordination of services. His dedication and commitment to the County of Santa Cruz will benefit the community for years to come, and his significant contributions merit public recognition.