2016 Employee Recognition Awards - Health

GOLD - TIED between members of the Mobile Emergency Response Team and members of the Avatar Implementation Team

Members of the Mobile Emergency Response Team,
Health Services Agency

Left to Right:
Kurt Churchill, Shannon Dean, Marty Riggs, Bryan Rich, Cynthia Nollenberger, Gary Reaves

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The Mobile Emergency Response Team, or MERT, was initiated in April 2016 to provide field and site-based services to adults, teens, and children experiencing a mental health related crisis. The focus of MERT is to provide alternatives to psychiatric hospitalization and to find the least restrictive treatment setting that ensures safety and an appropriate level of care. This team has done an extraordinary job doing just that! The impact of this team is evident in a significant reduction in the instance of psychiatric hospitalizations, and a dramatic increase in consumer access to mental health services. Each member of this team is to be commended for the dedication and commitment they’ve put into emergency response for mental health situations. It is a pleasure to recommend them for their tireless efforts.

Members of the Avatar Implementation Team, Health Services Agency

Back Row, Left to Right:
Stan Einhorn,Jan Weber MD, Marty Riggs, Vanessa de la Cruz MD, Adriana Bare, Chris McCauley

Front Row, Left to Right:
Meg Yarnell, Carmen A. Robles, Karolin Schwartz, Nancy Mast, Lynn Harrison, Leah Flagg-Wilson

Not Pictured:
Karen Anderson-Gray, Pam Rogers-Wyman, Jasmine Najera, Kathy Cytron, William Manov

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As a result of federal mandates, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, a division within the Health Services Agency, was faced with the extraordinary problem of needing to transition all medical records into electronic health records, or face financial penalties. Accomplishing this goal was an enormous undertaking, and the AVATAR Implementation Team completed the task with great success. This team met many times to problem solve both big and small aspects of this project, including choosing the record system to best meet everyone’s needs, designing the processes, implementation, and teaching staff how to use the new system. Through a truly collaborative effort, the County’s electronic health records went live in April 2016, and while there are still minor bugs to work out, the federal mandates have been met. Each member of this exceptional group deserves accolades for all that they’ve done to support the Health Services Agency, and the County as a whole. Implementation of this impressive system will benefit the County for years to come.

SILVER - TIED between Loan Nguyen and Alan Lamb

Loan Nguyen, Health Services Agency

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Loan is the Senior Accounting Technician for the Medical Activities Administration Program within the Health Services Agency. Loan is a dedicated and talented employee who has demonstrated both leadership and teamwork in providing extra support for her division in the absence of other employees. Regardless of how much additional work she has been given, the work she performs is always done meticulously and correctly. Loan is an expert in what she does, and works with other agencies to offer training, and also helps them with correcting errors they have made. Loan is an invaluable member of the Health Services Administration group, and her efforts should be commended. The work she does is truly exceptional and is deserving of public recognition.

Alan Lamb, Health Services Agency

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As the Supervisor of the South County Adult Mental Health Team, Alan supervises several mental health case managers as well as two therapists, and is always available to offer exceptional support. While he oversees the administrative aspects of their work, he is also acutely aware of all of the clients his staff serve, and offers insights and suggestions for care. Alan is supportive and helpful, and is often called upon to address various site and facility issues. One of his strengths is his ability to name and address system issues that interfere with quality care. Alan demonstrates exemplary dedication to clients, members of the community and his own staff. His strong leadership skills and vast knowledge have enabled him to be successful in his position, and his efforts are sincerely appreciated.

BRONZE - Shared by members of the CCS/Vital Records Clerical Unit, Health Services Agency

Left to Right:
Ana Jordan
Ruth Montalvo
Ana Navarro

Not Pictured:
Asenat Ventura

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Members of the California Children’s Services/Vital Records Clerical Unit are employees who interact with the public daily, and serve their clients in a kind and professional manner. This group is extremely knowledgeable in their respective areas, and are able to serve as a valuable resource for those they come into contact with. They regularly share their expertise and knowledge with local county staff, hospitals and doctor’s offices, local law enforcement agencies, and the State of California, just to name a few. The individuals in this group are all long-time County employees who continue to create a professional and compassionate work environment. It is obvious that they are enthusiastic about life, and passionate about the work that they do each day, and they are each commended for their individual efforts to create a team with this exceptional level of success.