Employee Recognition Awards - 2015

The employees listed below were selected for their personal achievements in 2015.

  Bronze Silver Gold
HUMAN SERVICES Margarita Gonzalez, Human Services Department

Shared by members of the Benefit Representative Training Team, HSD - Staff Development

Andrew Stewart
Brittany Smith
Celina Orejel
Michael Rosales
Sean McAdam
Taylor Shellen

Shared by members of the Family Stabilization Unit, HSD - Family and Children’s Services

Barri Dommer
Victoria Regan
Vivian Fenner-Evans
Sarah Mason-Sheely
Maria Sanchez Nolazco
Jim Narragon
Leticia Arteaga

  Bronze Silver Gold
HEALTH Linda Betts, Behavioral Health

Tied Between:

Members of the Homeless Persons Health Project, HSA Clinics

Paul Gendreau
Jean Graham
Matt Nathanson
Andi Wass
Suzanne Samson
Alejandra Bermudez
Georgine Ibarra
Alba Avalos-Sanchez
Mariela Melgoza

Members of the Health Services Communicable Disease Prevention Team, Public Health Division


Jessica Oltmanns
Theresia Rogerson
Eloy Mendez
Claudia Llamas-Padilla
Dena Loijos
Ruben Chavez
Suzanne Samson
Cathy Padilla
Denise Parodi

Maria Vazquez, HSA Clinics
  Bronze Silver Gold

Shared by members of the Financial System Implementation Team, Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector

Laura Bowers
Jessica Renda
Marianne Ellis
Pam Silbaugh

Shared by members of the Voice Over IP Project Team, Information Services Department

Michael Goulter
James Gouin
George Washington
Rusty Ferguson
Tom Daskaloff
Myeong Lee
Tammie Weigl
Nada Algharib

Shared by members of the My Santa Cruz County Team, Information Services Department

Aimen Al-Refai
Nada Algharib
Daniel Rubio
Tom Melkonian
Paresh Patel

  Bronze Silver Gold

Carisa Duran, Public Works

Shared by members of the Seacliff Village Park Project Team from the Parks Department

Sheryl Bailey
Kim Namba
Jennifer Mead
Annie Morris
Margaret Ingraham
Mary Chavez
Jessica Beebe
Gretchin lliff
Kathy DeWild

Shared by members of the Housing Division Team from the Planning Department

Julie Conway
Porcila Wilson
Carlos Landeverry
Micaela Lopez

  Bronze Silver Gold

Yolanda James-Sevilla, Adult Probation

Daniel Cruz, Sheriff's Office

Jeffrey Simpson, Sheriff's Office