Employee Recognition Awards - 2013

The employees listed below were selected for their personal achievements in 2013.

  Bronze Silver Gold
HUMAN SERVICES Jim Narragon Terri German Shared by members of the
In Home Supportive Services Team:

Whitney Barnes
Lisa Bisby
Monica Gomez
Arline Harmon
Diana Hodge
Cindy James
Nora Lopez
John Milios
Olivia Rios
Luis Serrano
Sara Snyder
Lisa Stanford
Nora Vazquez
Bob Wilson
Bertha Zamora-Paredez
  Bronze Silver Gold
HEALTH Asayo Westerly Diane Dymesich Shared by members of the
Santa Cruz County Behavioral Health Center Team

From the Health Services Agency
Gail Jones
Joseph Phares
Pam Rogers-Wyman

From Public Works
Bob Hambleton

  Bronze Silver Gold
Justine Leonard of the General Services Department
Shared by members of the Santa Cruz County Veterans Memorial Building Seismic Retrofit Team from General Services and Emergency Services:

Mike Derrigan
Joe Hickel
Paul Horvat
Carol Johnson
William Kersten
Anthony Loero
John Singleton

Shared by members of the County Clerk's Office:

Crystal Bertheau
Margaret Morrison
Martin Peaden
Tricia Webber
Margarita Williams
Kathy Wolf
Jaime Young

  Bronze Silver Gold

Shared by members of the "Outside the Box" Team:
Kathy DeWild of the Public Works Department's Parks Division
Jack Sohriakoff of Public Works

Greg Martin of Public Works Ben Winkleblack of the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter
  Bronze Silver Gold
JUSTICE Shared by Hugo Calderon and Sarah Fletcher, members of the Probation Department's Juvenile Assessment and Intervention System and Correctional Assessment and Inventory System Implementation Team

Shared by members of the Homicide Unit in the District Attorney's Office:

Joyce Angell
Charlie Baum
Alex Byers
Sara Dabkowski
Tara George
Jason Gill
Mike Gilman
Steve Moore
Greg Peinado
Celia Rowland
Johanna Schonfield
David Sherman
Ross Taylor
Rafael Vazquez
Rob Wade
Erika Ziegenhorn
Lt. Shea Johnson of the Sheriff's Office