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Santa Cruz County Probation Chief: Fernando Giraldo

Santa Cruz County Probation Chief

Fernando Giraldo is the Probation Chief of the Santa Cruz County Probation Department and has been a Probation Officer with the department since 1995. Mr. Giraldo has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from San Jose State University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Latin American Studies from The University of California, Santa Cruz. Mr. Giraldo is also a graduate of the highly regarded Annie E. Casey Applied Leadership Network and in 2013, he participated the inaugural class of the Santa Cruz County Leadership for Community Transformation through the United Way.

Santa Cruz County Probation is a nationally recognized model site for Juvenile Detention Reform and work to reduce racial and ethnic disparities through the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Mr. Giraldo has specialized in developing, implementing, and managing day treatment programs, evening reporting centers, and innovative collaborative programs involving multiple agencies. Mr. Giraldo was also a consultant for the National Institute of Corrections; developing distance learning programs and was a national trainer on cognitive behavioral programs. Throughout his career he has been successful in writing grants and has worked with community partners to leverage funding that has helped advance and sustain system reforms in Santa Cruz. He has also been instrumental in engaging internal and external stakeholders in efforts to address disparities and continually innovate in the field of justice. Mr. Giraldo has conducted research demonstrating how effective use of data can drive best practices and policies, and the studies have been used as examples across the country. Mr. Giraldo has participated in radio and television programs, and been part of numerous panels and presentations at the national level speaking about juvenile detention reform, disproportionate minority contact in the justice system, cultural competency, development of juvenile detention alternatives, evidence based practices, collaboration with community partners, and leadership. As an active member of the community Fernando is currently the Chair of the Youth Violence Prevention Task Force, board president of the Aztecas Youth Soccer Program, and a volunteer coach for recreational youth soccer leagues