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Employee Recognition Awards - 2019

The employees listed below were selected for their personal achievements in 2019.

  Bronze Silver Gold

Jennifer Kaley, Human Services Department

Whitney Barnes, Human Services Department

Kathy Stowell, Human Services Department

  Bronze Silver Gold

Tied Between:
Kennedy Cosker

Jessica McElveny

Shared by members of the Occupational Therapy Team, including:

Shannon Holmes
Susan Fisher

Brenda Brenner, Health Services Agency

  Bronze Silver Gold

Angel Mangana, General Services Department


Shared by members of the:
Cannabis Compliance Enforcement Team:

Steve Carney
Heather Presley
Jason Fennelly
Sam LoForti
Michael Sapunor
Vasant Sharma
Fred Gomez

Shared by members of the Electronic Permitting Team, including:

Silbiano Cruz-Hernandez
Darlene Samakese

Kelly Chaffee
Maitreya Maziarz
Greg McLean
Robert Collacino
Amy Wilbanks
Marty Heaney
Tom Melkonian

  Bronze Silver Gold

Tied between:

Shared by members of the Special Events Team, including:
Jessica Beebe
Annie Morris
Mary Chavez
Margaret Ingraham
Kathy DeWild
Jennifer Mead

Shared by members of the Near-Term Housing Amendments Team, including:
Stephanie Hansen
Suzanne Ise
Daisy Allen
Annie Murphy
Natisha Williams

Tim Goncharoff, Public Works Department

Mark Strudley, Public Works Department

  Bronze Silver Gold

Shared by members of the Human Trafficking Investigation Team, including:
Inspector Kenny Besk
Inspector Joe Hernande

Shared by members of the Sheriff Coroner Accreditation Team, including:
Sergeant Ian Patrick
Dr. Stephanie Fiore
Lt. Paul Ramos
Detective Dakota Clark
Forensic Technician Genevieve Reilmann
Coroner Detective Wesley Grant
Coroner Detective Naomi Silva
Coroner Detective Wendy Ramm

Tied between:
Shared by members of the Probation Service Center Planning and Implementation Team, including:
Andrew Davis
Sara Jamison
Yolanda James-Sevilla
Deputy Alphonse Arretz
Deputy Armando Baltazar
Deputy Deborah Voith

Shared by members of the Focused Intervention Team, including:
Sgt. Billy Burnett
Deputy Randall Hop
Deputy Ryan York
James Russell
Jennifer Deagon
Jeffrey Goodyear
Laura Hernandez